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This week in Dexter class

This week we will be spending a bit of time doing some practical activities to help us get better at drawing circles! The reason behind this is that a circle forms the basis of many of our letter and number shapes and so we need to get used to going in different directions (with a pencil or scissors) using good control. To help us with this I have chosen a piece of artwork called Squares with Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky. After learning about this painting the children will produce their own versions, drawing or painting circles, using mediums of paint, chalk crayon or pencil. We will discuss how to mix colours (primary) to make others (secondary) and also talk about how the painting makes us feel to look at and to create ourselves.

Worship this week will be continuing looking at our value of Trust and during our welly walk we will be taking part in activities, looking at ways we can show we can be trusted!

We will continue with our work on Number bonds to 10 and compare and contrast groups within 10 using simple graphs.

In Literacy we will be finishing our work on Handa, and writing our own version of Dear Zoo.The children will be encouraged to add a new page to the book for our own class version! We will also be performing our poem Rhythm of Life by Micheal Rosen.


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