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This week in Dexter class

This week in Dexter class we will be making the most of the cold but beautiful sunny weather to investigate frost and ice, talk about freezing and melting and why these things occur. We will be filling lots of containers with water so that it freezes overnight so that we can observe the changes and experiment with the ice.

We are continuing with our storytelling of Eileen Browne's book Handa's Surprise and also looking at Handa's Hen. Both these stories lend themselves to cross-curricular learning as they contain lots of fantastic vocabulary, have a clear story structure and sequence and contain mathematical concepts. There are lots of opportunities to encourage the children's 'Understanding of the World' as we look at African animals, landscapes and ways of life.

On Monday, I was happy to present the class with some new magnetic construction resources which supports creativity and critical thinking. The children have designed some really interesting models (including unicorn houses, sunglasses, party hats and car rocket ships!) and we have been talking about lots of 2D and 3D shapes. We will be photographing our creations using an iPad and then writing labels and captions to go with them.

The children are developing so quickly and we can see such a difference from when they first started school. I am really proud of them all.


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