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This week in Dexter class

This week will see a change in routine as the Year 5s will join us for the mornings. They will be spending time completing various challenges within their house teams such as the Disaster Island Lego Challenge, making stop motion animation films, designing their own sports kit and some Graffiti style Art. We will also be releasing our butterflies into the wild later in the week and building habitats and dens outside for some of our toy animals. I hope to be able to take the children to The Common at some point and complete some sports day practise as well so please wear trainers for comfort. Please ensure that reading books and yellow reading records are brought into school every day so that the Dexters can read to the older children.

The afternoons will be used for maths , phonics and literacy revision activities and games before we start looking at Phase 5 phonics sounds and shape, next week. We will also be writing the beginning, middle and end of our class book The Way Back Hone by Oliver Jeffers.

Thank you for supporting my discussions with the children regarding looking after our environment and being respectful .The Year 5s are also a very respectful group and so they are being excellent role models for the younger children.. I have seen a noticeable improvement today and I was able to add two sticks to our treat pot. I am hopeful that by the end of the week I will be able to send some respect certificates home. Fingers crossed!


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