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This week in Dexter class

We have welcomed Jake from iSing Pop into school this week and together with Hereford class we have been having fun learning to sing and create cool dance moves ready for the concerts in Church next week. Jake has really encouraged the children and talked to them about how it can be scary trying something new but when we persevere it feels great. All the children seem to be having a lovely time so we are looking forward to Wednesday and Thursday's sessions too. The children can wear their favourite brightly coloured top for next week's performances as we have been told that this looks fantastic under the lights. iSing Pop also have t-shirts available and if you would like one then the link is:

A mystery suitcase arrived in the classroom today and we had a very lively discussion about where it may have come from and who it belongs to. This is introducing us to our work in literacy which we started today by writing a simple sentence about who we think owns the suitcase. Further work this week will encourage us to use new vocabulary and write questions. We couldn't open it because it was locked but hopefully we will find out who owns the suitcase in the next few days-guesses include The Little Auk, Paddington, a Genie, The BFG, a spider, Santa, a bad guy, and even Tweedie!

In Phonics, we will be consolidating our learning of Phase 3 sounds and looking at representations of capital letters, talking about where we find them, highlighting these in simple sentences which include names of people and places.

In Maths we are starting a new journey called Growing 6,7 and 8. This will build on from our previous work looking at finding, representing and composing 1-5. Through a mastery approach, we aim to give children a secure understanding of number, reasoning and recall.

Although the weather is (a little) milder, please do continue to provide children with warm clothing as they do love to be outside and it is extremely windy even in our own sheltered play area!


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