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This week in Dexter Class

This week we are going to be looking at the meaning of the words nocturnal and diurnal. We will be learning about this using examples of woodland animals native to the UK. I will be reading the story of Owl Babies in Literacy, Language and Communication and the children will practise retelling it themselves. We will start by building a story map then boxing it up into a beginning, middle and end. The children will be reading simple sentences and then writing their own captions to accompany the story. As well as this fictional story we will look at non-fiction texts including books, posters and maps to show us more about woodland animals.

In Phonics, we have now looked at all the singular letters and sounds so we will be learning the digraphs (two letters making one sound) sh, ch, th and ng. The children are building their knowledge at pace and their vocabulary is expanding daily!

In Maths we will be continuing with the composition of the numbers 1 to 5 and we will be discussing number bonds. We will be looking at one more and one less, total and part-part-whole eg. 3 is a part, 2 is a part and as a whole this equals 5. we will be using our reasoning and problem solving skills to work out the answers to some mathematical problems.

We have our Experience Advent event taking place on Thursday. This has been put together for us by Mrs Smith, Mrs Lury and Mrs Cross who have worked really hard to ensure that the children from across the whole school have a really engaging experience, learning about the meaning of Advent.

Now we have performed and recorded Nazareth from Nativity! we are moving on to rehearsing the songs for Hey Ewe!, our own school Nativity. The children in Dexter class will be provided with costumes and will be singing and supporting Hereford class who will be performing the play. This will be our music and performance focus for the remainder of this term.


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