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This Week in Dexter Class

It is hard to believe that we have nearly made it through one term of school already! The children have taken to school life like ducks to water and are a pleasure to teach!

This week in phonics, we will be consolidating the sounds and high frequency words we have learned so far. This will enable us to recap and embed knowledge of any sounds which are not as easily recalled, and will help the children to further develop their confidence in blending and segmenting.

In maths, we will be focusing on the number three, and will be using many of the skills we have already looked at, such as sorting, matching and subitising, as well as looking at ways in which to record bonds to three. We will look at the composition of the number in a variety of fun ways so that children will be able to better recall ways that it can be made- a great foundation for mental maths!

In RE, we will be thinking about the families and other groups that we belong to, and the different ways in which we show love and care for them. Will learn about the Hindu celebration of Raksha Bandhan (which took place in August) and will find out about how one family celebrate and show that they care about each other.

In literacy, language and communication, we will be continuing our work on space, as this has proven to be of great interest with the children. We will be moving from our non fiction book about Mae Jemison, to a fictional book, 'The Way Back Home' by Oliver Jeffers.

We will be welly walking on Tuesday morning this week, so please keep an eye on the forecast so that you can ensure children have suitable clothing in school.

We are really looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday morning, for our WOW event, which will give you the opportunity to see what we have been up to. The children are excited to show you their work, and how far they have progressed and grown already!


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