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This Week in Belted Galloway Class

Welcome back to the final term of the year... it has certainly flown by! We start this term by beginning some work on Ratio and Proportion in Maths, specifically understanding the difference between and ratio representation and a proportional one, and using this idea to solve problems. In English we will begin a block of work on poetry, which we will begin by comparing different poems about the wind. We will move onto looking at poetic devices such as personification and the children will being to create their one similar poems. We will be working on our new value of Courage this week, exploring what the value means, linking it to Bible stories and having the chance to write prayers to be read at lunch time. We will also be endeavouring to get moving in our rehearsals of our production of What a Knight. On Wednesday, we have a visitor in to run an awareness session on first aid, which will fit into the PSHE topic on Looking After Ourselves that we worked on last term.


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