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This Week in Belted Galloway Class

I hope to see as many of you as possible this week to discuss your child's progress so far this year: it will be good to finally have face-to-face meetings after such a long time. School photographs will also happen this week, on Tuesday. Our RE topic this term is all about how Christians see Jesus as the Messiah: this week we will be studying some of the prophesy texts and considering the kind of saviour the Jews were expecting. The children will use evidence from the Bible to back their ideas up. In English we will be continuing our Flashback Narrative work, inspired by the animation The Piano. The children will be working on structuring the piece, which is quite complicated considering the nature of all the flashbacks and memories! Our Immersion Curriculum topic this week will be Science based, and will be about Sorting and Classifying Living Things. The children will be researching the animal groups and sharing their findings, becoming an expert on one of them. To round up this blog, Maths will centre around rounding numbers this week, as well as recapping Roman numerals!


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