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This Week in Belted Galloway class

It has been really positive to see how the children are responding to their maths homework: not only are they organising themselves, but they are open and willing to talk about anything that they need to work on, and are challenging themselves to increasingly tricky levels. This is wonderful to see. The children also have a spelling test each week: they have word packs to bring home, and these are also available on the TEAMS platform. When the children are learning their spellings, it is important that they make sure they know the meaning of the words they are learning. This week we have an exciting DT challenge on Wednesday: the children will be taking part in the STEM Works K'NEX challenge, where they will be building a construction to fit with a specific brief. Depending on the state of the wider world, it is hoped that the winning team will be able to represent the school in the wider area, although we are unsure how likely this is. In English, the children will be completing their block of work on recounts, with a focus on writing letters of complaints about a bad food experience! In maths, we will be completing our journey on division, while we will be starting a two week block of work on Living Things and their Habitats in Science.


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