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This week in Belted Galloway class

This week, Belted Galloway class will be refining and focusing on their music skills. We will be working on our singing with the help of Mrs Mitchell, who has volunteered to come in and support our preparation for key stage 2's carol singing as part of the nativity service next week. We will be aiming to sing in two part rounds for at least one of the carols, and will be looking at the importance of warming up and a good body position on the effect of our singing. We will also be learning a number of pieces on the glockenspiels, and we will be combining this with looking at musical notation. During the mornings, the children will have the chance to apply what they have learnt in English this term by completing a number of totally independent assessment pieces. It is good to see exactly what the children can achieve when they are given the time and opportunity to work by themselves, and it will also inform planning for next term.


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