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Tag Rugby Festival

It was a real pleasure to be able to take both a Y5/6 and a Y3/4 team to the Atlas Games Tag Rugby Festival. The children showed all their values of perseverance, friendship, respect, courage and trust in a fantastic sporting show. The Y3/4 team reached the grand final and took the silver medal conceding by just one try. The team work on display was exemplary and we would like to congratulate them on such an outstanding performance. The Y5/6 team also showed their fantastic team work and worked hard in their group. Sadly they didn't quite make the final but we were approached by local team coaches saying how they had observed some really notable performances and the children would be welcome to join if they wanted to!

Mrs Penn would really like to take the opportunity to thank those parents who helped with transport, encouragement and coaching tips. We just simply would not be able to take up these opportunities without your support. Our next scheduled event will be the Netball Festival in January. Please see the Active Amberley Page for more information about upcoming events.


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