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Today, we marked Remembrance day with a minute's silence. Sadly, we were unable to visit the war memorial as we usually do, so we commemorated the end of the war and remembered those who fought for our freedom within our bubbles in school.

Hereford and Dexter classes made poppies and during the minute's silence, placed them around the silhouette of a first world war soldier.

We read a prayer written by Dexter class:

Dear God,

Thank you for keeping us safe.

Help us to remember all those people who have died in wars fighting to keep us safe.

Help us to look after the world and keep it and each other safe, and to spread Your love so it will grow.


In Friesian Class, we made soldier silhouettes to create an effective display. We also used plastic bottles and upcycled them to make them into poppies. We wrote prayers to thank the soldiers who lost their lives for us.

Friesian Class and Belted Galloway Class held a 2-minute silence outside and we shared poems and prayers.


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