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NATRE Art Competition Winners

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected as the winning entry in the national NATRE (National Association of Teachers of Religious Education) Spirited Arts Competition, for the "God's Good Earth' Category.

Local artist Sam Adams worked with children across the school last term (funded by the FOA), to produce a collaborative piece, which will be installed as a permanent feature in school. As part of the work, children were asked to consider the questions: Are we spoiling God’s good earth? Does the Earth belong to God? Should we be thankful for it? Can we save it in time from the threats of climate change? The beauty of the earth is celebrated in many religions, but the human spoiling of the earth is a danger and a coming crisis. In this theme, we were invited to explore ideas and beliefs about the natural world, human responsibility for the earth and ways of praying about climate justice. A group of BG children helped write a narrative to go alongside the multimedia art work, using quotes from different religious texts and viewpoints. The whole team at NATRE were apparently "impressed with not only the quality of the artwork", but also the "excellent RE and deep thinking that was evident." Well done to all involved.


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