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Imam Hassan

Friesian Class and Belted Galloway Class were privileged to have a visit from Imam Hassan from Gloucester Mosque. Imam Hassan spoke to the children about the religion of Islam and challenged some of their ideas and misconceptions.

Children's Reflections:

"I like how Imam Hassan challenged us about our views and got us to answer questions and think about what he said. It's good to hear from somebody of a different faith because we can learn new facts about lots of different faiths and hear it from people of that faith. I respect the fact that Imam Hassan chose to come in and share facts about his religion, also I think it's nice that he wore his clothes that he said he only wears on 'special occasions'"

"I love to understand and see how other people think about their religion. He was really enthusiastic when he talked and was open to any questions and he answered them in a way we understood. I loved the way he talked and how down-to-earth he was. I also enjoyed how he respected Christianity as much as his own religion. He spoke clear and proud in a way that everyone understood what he meant, I really enjoyed his speech!"

"Dear God, Help us to show respect to other religions and help us to spread the word of God. Help us to share our beliefs and help us to accept different religions. Amen."


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