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Dodgeball Festival 2021

Today, Amberley entered into the Active Schools Network Dodgeball Festival run by Atlas Games. The festival took place at Stratford Court in Stroud and we entered all of our Year 6 children rotating teams of 10. The day was fantastic, the sun was shining and the children showed great sporting behaviour throughout. The icing on the cake was that we won 16 out of 17 matches and drew one. We went into the final and emerged the victors. The children were ecstatic but were quick to applaud the other team. They remained focused throughout and were described as 'relentless', 'showing no compassion' and taking no prisoners' but also ' a wonderful bunch of children' and we were even approached by a netball coach asking if any of the children wanted to join Randwick! Mr Beech and Mrs Penn accompanied the children and were so proud of the Y6 children's achievement and we had to let Miss Cale know straight away! After over 18 months without any competitive sport for our school, this was a wonderful opportunity for us all to show what a great team we are.


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