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Advice if you are upset by the news

The world news can often be upsetting for adults, let alone younger people. If you are upset by the news, it's important to know that you are not the only one and it's OK to have those feelings.

At present, there are many stories surrounding the conflict in Ukraine. Newsround has produced some excellent strategies that can help if you are upset by what you have seen, heard or read.

Additionally, we often talk about the five ways to wellbeing at school. These are evidence based ways of looking after your mental health. Below is a poster which focuses on how the 'five ways' can support children during a time of heightened anxiety and fear amid world events. Children under 7 are unlikely to take on board much of what is going on, so it can be best to wait for them to bring it up. With older children and teenagers, adults have less control over where their information comes from. Ask them questions to determine what they know and correct any misconceptions. With older children, respond to questions but don't overload them with facts. Keep messages simple and offer reassurances about the distance and the minimal risk of events directly impacting them or their families. Teens might have 'what if' questions - help them reality check these 'what ifs', explore what they could do in certain situations and focus them on the things they can control.

Supporting Mental Health
Download PDF • 87KB

As a Church school, we know the power of prayer and would like to ask you to join us in keeping those affected by the conflict in the forefront of our prayers. The Arch Bishops of Canterbury and York have written special a prayer for peace in Ukraine.

The Diocese of Hereford have also released a short worship video centred on prayers for Ukraine. It is aimed at younger children though is suitable for all:


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