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This week in Belted Galloway class

This will be a very industrious final week of term for the children of Belted Galloway class. The week will start with the children completing a number of their end of term assessments: for the children, this is a chance to work independently, for an extended period of time, to show what they are capable of. We will be going over these assessments with the children after the Easter holidays, where the children will have ownership over their learning and the chance to flag up any area they want more teaching on. By being centrally involved in the assessment process, rather than feeling it is something done to them, the children feel far less worried.

We will be spending a significant block of this week on art work. Sam Adams will be working with us on Thursday to help the children create a multi-media piece of art work to conclude the topic of space. We will be preparing for this earlier in the week by using sketching and mark making skills in a 'War of the Worlds' inspired piece of art work.

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