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Hereford Art Day

Mrs Adams came into Hereford Class today for us to have an entire day of Art, funded by the PTA.

The children spent the morning creating shields where they drew princes and princesses. They used shapes to create their characters and coloured them in carefully.

Children also painted an incredible backdrop which was designed by Mrs Adams. Rapunzel is in her tower and the children painted the background of plants, water, the tower and the view.

Later on in the day, the children made fairy tale characters. These ranged from the BFG, three little pigs, dragons, princesses, wicked queen, gingerbread men and many more. They used wooden spoons and spatulas to create their characters, using materials for their bodies and costumes.

Finally, in the afternoon, the children used drawing skills to draw dragons. They then used pastels to colour them in. These will be finished tomorrow.

A display of all the amazing art work has been put in the hall (not a finished article yet), so please do come in and see the amazing work that they have created.

A huge thank you to the PTA for funding a fantastic day and to Mrs Adams, Meredith and Holly who were all involved in ensuring the day went smoothly. The children had a wonderful time!

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