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This week in Dexter Class

This week in Dexter class we are going to be measuring in a variety of ways and using our knowledge of length, weight, capacity and time to solve problems and make comparisons.

In phonics, we are reviewing the sounds that we have learned as well as high frequency and tricky words, and will be using them to play a game of snakes and ladders. We will also be working on reading and writing ccvc words and applying our phonetic knowledge in our writing.

We have started the week off with a surprise visit from some two week old lambs and even had the chance to bottle feed them!

We are looking forward to seeing where our learning will go next, as we have already had some interesting discussions about conservation as a result of the interests of one of our focus children.

We have parents' evenings on Wednesday and Thursday this week and look forward to updating you on your children's progress.

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