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Safer Internet Day 2019

This week, we celebrated Safer Internet Day and joined others around the globe in working 'Together for a Better Internet'.

In Dexter class, the children talked about what they use computers, tablets and phones for, and learned that all these devices are connected through the internet. The children talked about how important it is to stay safe on the internet by only using apps and programs that parents have checked, and taking the device to an adult if something pops up on screen that they are unsure about.

In Hereford class, the children watched a video released by the Safer Internet Day organisers, and discussed how they treat people in real life. They then discussed how they should be kind to others online just as they are face to face.

The children learned about ‘Stranger Danger’ and how the internet can make it easy to hide a person’s real identity. The clip they saw had a ‘nasty man’ and the children learned that they shouldn’t share any information with strangers and that personal information should only be shared with family, friends and people they trust to keep them safe. They also talked about who they would talk to if they felt sad at something they read, thought they might be in danger or saw something they didn’t like. The children suggested that they should talk to their parents, another family member, a teacher or any adult that they trust.

In Friesian class, the children read a text written about internet safety at KS2 level and then answered some comprehension questions on it. They covered topics such as sharing personal information online, sharing photos, getting consent to share details and being careful when browsing online.

The children had a lot to say and went on to discuss the legal age (13) that children are allowed to have a social media account, such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

In Belted Galloway, the children looked at what the internet actually is and how it works, and had a conversation about who actually owns it. This led to work on consent and permission, where the class explored the importance of knowing exactly what they are agreeing to when online. They explored the adult terms linked with this, and completed a puzzle where they looked at the meanings of terms such as cookies, rights, copyright and restriction.

Safer Internet Day provides a fantastic opportunity to engage with children about their digital lives, however, it is important that we regularly talk to children and young people about ways in which they can help to keep themselves safe.

The Safer Internet Centre has created a pack for parents and carers, including conversation starters, a factsheet, family pledge card and more, to help you talk to your children about having a positive and safe time online. Please visit their site for further information.

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