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This week in Dexter Class

This week in Dexter class we are learning the digraphs ai, ee, and oa in Mrs L Smith and Mrs Crampton's group and oo, ar, or and igh in Mrs A Smith and Mrs Lury's group. We will be revising the sounds and high frequency words we have already learned and spotting them in our guided reading books.

In maths, we are continuing our work on subtraction and will be developing our ability to count down from numbers from 20 and below, as well as using practical equipment to work out problems.

We had an action packed welly walk on Monday, with sightings of both buzzards and a kestrel and have since been talking about what different creatures eat and what they need to survive. This has tied in well with some of the areas that this week's focus children have shown interests in. We will also use the story that we have learned, Handa's Surprise, to find out more about animals from other parts of the world.

On Friday afternoon, the children will spend time with some of the buddies when they work with collaboratively with Year 6 and Mr Spurrier. Please note that there will not be a Golden Book assembly this week.

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