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Dexter Town

This week in Dexter class, the children decided to turn the classroom into a town. They thought about what they would need and decided upon a hairdressers (with strict instructions about not using the real scissors!), a nail salon, a cafe, a doctor's surgery, a school, a library and an art gallery, before swiftly setting up the different areas of the room by themselves. The classroom was alive with excited children wanting to make signs and adverts, booking forms and menus, classrooms and art work! Without prompting, a group of children started talking about the learning powers they were using ("We are like the ants - we are cooperating, aren't we?!") and before long, even Miss Cale had been booked in at the hairdressers, to take advantage of the cheap cuts (only "1 pownd" - guess who has been learning the 'ow' sound in cow recently!). I took the opportunity to order peesa (pizza) and caik (cake) in the cafe - though I have to admit that I was a little taken aback by the cost of the cake at 10 'powns'. The blow was softened somewhat by having the word 'plees' on the bill, however! With all the fun going on, no one really noticed the number of times that they were reinforcing their maths, reading and writing skills. We have read the menus that others have written, written doctor's medical records, advertised our services, counted out money, worked on our social interaction skills and developed our gross and fine motor skills - whilst 'just playing' in Reception!


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