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Road Safety Week

Throughout the week this week, we have been looking at the theme of road safety. The children have discussed lots of good ideas about how to keep themselves and others safe when around the roads or in a car. We have completed a traffic survey, where the children decided which vehicles were likely to come past the playground before drawing them (after discussion, we decided against jets and monster trucks!). We then counted each vehicle type as they passed us and recorded them. Some children chose to use a tally like system of lines or ticks, whilst others wrote numbers. When we were finished, we looked at our results and the children explained which vehicle had been most popular, making sense of their own recordings.

We also had a go at planning and creating car seats for the class teddies. This proved tricky at times and we had to use our problem solving skills to work out new ways to attach the seat belts. Some children changed the material they were using to something stronger, whilst others changed their method of attaching it.

We have also been looking at maps and the children have created maps of the outside area, of jungles and of the classroom. They have had a go at programming Beebots to travel on a specified route (whilst practising their number formation when writing down the number of moves) and have even attached pencils to them to get the Beebots to draw where they have been!


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