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Year 1/2 trip to Bristol Zoo

On Wednesday, Hereford class were lucky enough to visit Bristol Zoo as part of their work on their topic 'Poles Apart', where they have been looking at different habitats around the world. The day was a great success and the children learned much about different species and how they would survive in the wild. The children were able to find out a bit more about why some animals are kept in captivity and discuss some of the issues surrounding this. The children were exceptionally well behaved and all adults we re proud of them. All children participated in an educational workshop where they were hands on with creatures and explored how their needs were met within their habitats.

We asked the children what key points they hard learned, that they didn't know before:

Chloe: "I learned that gorillas don't like eating fish and turtles and they don't like water."

Evie-Joy: "Hippos are nocturnal and sleep during the day."

Adam: "Chinchillas live in the mountains."

Poppy: "I found out how corn snakes find their food."

Will: " Corn snakes are camouflaged in the field."

Tess: "I learned that animals need food, shelter, water, oxygen, family and friends."

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