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Elephant Enrichment Day

Today we held an enrichment day focusing on the decline in elephant populations and the incredible work being undertaken by the conservation organisation, Shared Universe Foundation. The children were shocked to discover that by the time their own children are adults, there may not be any elephants living in the wild in Africa. They used an exciting range of cross curricular skills including statistical analysis, persuasive writing, art, cooking, woodwork and design. They experienced 360 degree virtual reality 'Nature Racers' software in order to watch a documentary about the capture and release of elephants in South Africa and live video chatted with a ranger for the conservation area. The children and staff have gained a huge amount from their experiences today and we will be holding a follow up enrichment day in order to raise money for this worthy cause. We would like to thank Mr Domonic White for all his hard work and support in setting up such a valuable learning experience and thank the team from Shared Universe for visiting and working with us.

We hope to continue to support this incredible foundation in the future and will be bringing you a dedicated page on our website soon.

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