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Road Safety Awareness Day

On Tuesday 28th March, Amberley Parochial School had a road safety day, where each class learned about different elements of road safety and how to stay safe on the roads.

Dexter: Dexter class designed and made their own car seats for their class teddy bears and even added seat belts. As well as this, they learned how to put their own seat belts on safely in the car. The were practicing the seat belt movement all day!

Hereford: Hereford class talked about the things you should and shouldn't do in the back of the car. They made posters about it and designed clothing for somebody crossing the road at night. They also watched the old Road Safety Video by Think. They sang the song in assembly.

Friesian: Friesian class made videos advertising the key points of staying safe on the road, and made posters explaining parts of their videos. The two most persuasive got shown in assembly.

Belted Galloway:

Belted Galloway class talked about the differences between the old road safety videos and the new road safety videos. We discovered that the new videos were trying to scare people into being safe on the road. We also made posters to persuade older children to stay safe when crossing roads.

So that is what we did for Road Safety Day. We hope everyone enjoyed this fun and fact-filled day.

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