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Road Safety

This week in Dexter class we were excited about learning about road safety, as part of the school Road Safety Awareness Day. We not only raced against a speedometer, checked out the flashing lights and sirens of the police car, but actually got to sit in it! When we were back in class, the children heard all about a teddy bear who had not been strapped into the car he was travelling in. He was thrown to the floor in the driver's foot well when the car had to stop suddenly, and was badly hurt. The children were asked to choose a show box each and design a car seat for a teddy bear and they took up the challenge like Sammy Squirrel! It was so lovely to see them all using their learning powers to create something with purpose. We saw clear evidence of cooperation as the children asked each other for help in order to over come difficulties. Several children made changes to their designs when they found that their first attempts didn't work.

The following day, we shared what we had done with Mrs Penn, who had come in to visit. The children were shown photos of their learning over the previous few days and were impressive in their recall of the experiences and their explanations for how they had been learning and applying learning powers.


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