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10 Top Tips for Respect Online: Inspiring Children to Build a Better Digital World

A free online safety guide on 10 top tips for respect online: inspiring childing to build a better digital world. Even before lockdowns inflamed the situation, one in every five 10- to 15-year-olds was experiencing bullying online: abusive messages, having rumours spread about them or being excluded from group chats, for example. Through smartphones and tablets, we’re used to being able to communicate from anywhere, at any time – but digital devices became commonplace so quickly that it caused a problem: as a society, we haven’t properly adjusted to how different they’ve made life. These top tips can help you to build positive relationships online and avoid some of the potential issues. In the guide, from National Online Safety, you'll find a number of tips such as how to stop internet addiction, being aware of the dark side, and pressing ‘pause’.

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