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Welcome back Friesians!

Welcome back Friesians! I hope you have all enjoyed a restful and enjoyable Easter break. This week in Friesian Class we are continuing our English journey by reinventing and writing our own adventure stories. In maths, we are continuing our topic of fractions to build upon our knowledge learnt at the end of last term. In RE, we are considering our new value of the term: Generosity and leaning the story of The Widow’s Mite. We will be discussing how the story shows the Christian value of Generosity and how we can show generosity ourselves. We are starting a new unit on Christianity and considering the overarching question: ‘For Christians, what was the impact of the Pentecost?’. In Immersion Curriculum, we are artists. Art is about expressing yourself visually and artists are creative and observant. We will be studying print art work and creating our own are using the skill of printing and exploring different ways of using resources. All of the children are so creative and it is so interesting to see all of their ideas!


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