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Friesians' trip to FGR

On Wednesday 4th December, Friesian class went to Forest Green Rovers football club to find out more about sustainability, and to take part in a cookery session with the club's chef, Jade. We learned all about taking care of the environment, how FGR are the greenest football club in the world, how their soap is made from the grass cuttings from the pitch, how seaweed is used to feed the grass and how they don't use chemicals to make it grow. We learned that the players are vegan, and their t-shirts, shorts and shin-pads are made from bamboo. They have a mow-bot to mow the grass and it takes three days! They want to build the first wooden stadium. We also learned how to make vegan burgers. W

The end of term in Belted Galloway class

A Primary School class is a wonderful place to be in the run up to Christmas, and Belted Galloway class, even though the children are older, is no exception. These final two weeks of term have combined completing topics and assessment tasks with taking part in creative work (ranging from making music, singing, cooking and designing). The children have all made and decorated Christmas cakes, and will be creating packaging for them in order to present and protect them. They will be using the computing skills they have learnt to create their own game using the KODU language, while they will be listening to and responding to Charles Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol' in English,as well as completing

Thank you!

We would like to send a huge thank you to the amazing PTA for the wonderful panto last week. It was greatly enjoyed by all the children (and staff!)

This week in Friesian class

This week in Friesian class, we will will be immersing ourselves in music and focusing in particular on composing our own short pieces based on music we have appraised. The children have already heard call and response music from around the world and have worked in groups to compose their own on the recorder. They have recorded their work using both non-standard and formal musical notation. We look forward to sharing some of their work with you, via the blog, as part of our celebration. In maths, we will be using our knowledge and understanding of coordinates and linking in our geography work on maps in order to help poor Elvin the elf, who accidentally dropped several presents over Europe,

This week in Dexter class

This week, the Dexter class children are extremely excited about singing at the Nativity during both the daytime and evening performances. Thank you for all your support with costumes and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. In phonics, we are revisiting those sounds that are known as high frequency words and the ones that they find tricky. They are using their phonic knowledge to write messages in Christmas cards and write lists for shopping focusing on favourite foods we like to share during the festivities. In Literacy, we will be talking about Elmer a little bit more as well as looking at some of the best loved Christmas adverts. We will be seeing what information can be retrieved

This week in Dexter class

This week, Dexter class are continuing with their maths, phonics and literacy learning focusing on favourite stories about Elmer the elephant. We have also been looking at colour mixing and collage techniques. Our song practice for the nativity play is in full swing and we will be joining with Hereford class to make sure we are ready to put on a fantastic performance next week. We have had a visit from a naughty Elf this week who has been found swinging from the fairy lights and making snow angels in the flour! Each morning, we arrive in class to find out what he has been up to, he is extremely good at hiding. In line with Advent, our maths focus is on measuring time with calendars, looking

This week in Belted Galloway class

This week, Belted Galloway class will be refining and focusing on their music skills. We will be working on our singing with the help of Mrs Mitchell, who has volunteered to come in and support our preparation for key stage 2's carol singing as part of the nativity service next week. We will be aiming to sing in two part rounds for at least one of the carols, and will be looking at the importance of warming up and a good body position on the effect of our singing. We will also be learning a number of pieces on the glockenspiels, and we will be combining this with looking at musical notation. During the mornings, the children will have the chance to apply what they have learnt in English this

This week in Hereford Class

This week in Hereford we are continuing to recognise and shade fractions of shape. We are recapping the knowledge of quarters and halves for year one and quarters, halves, thirds and three quarters for Y2. In English we have completed a spelling assessment where we were tested on our yearly common exception words. The ones we aren't sure of will be sent home to practise over the Christmas holidays. Children need to know these by the end of the year. In our English lessons, we will write a letter in full, applying the structure and punctuation that we have been taught. We continue with our Nativity practise and welcome in Rose's parents to help us with the staging and acting. We appreciate th

This week in Friesian class

We have an busy week ahead, during which we will be taking part in a music worship with Mrs Mitchell, in preparation for the carol concert and nativity play. We will also be visiting Forest Green Rovers football club on Wednesday, where we will be learning about sustainability and will take part in a practical cookery session with the match day chef, to make vegetarian burgers, among other activities. We will be learning more about where our food comes from and how we can adopt a more ecologically minded approach to our menu planning, during our curriculum work on food technology. In English, we will be starting a new unit on non-chronological reports, where we will be utilising some of our

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