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This week in Hereford Class

This week in Hereford Class, we continue our auto-biography journey. Year 1 children have turned into Mrs Hamilton, and Year 2, Mrs Apew and we are learning about their lives, documenting it using the first person and creating paragraphs to make up an entire auto-biography.

In Maths, we finish our fraction journey, finding fractions of shapes, numbers and sets of objects. Year 2 will finish by looking at 3/4 (non unit fractions) and Year 1 will turn into pirates by finding 1/4 and 1/2 of their items and their lunches!

In the AIC, for the next two weeks we will be looking at the artist Paul Klee. We will be recreating some of his work through painting, collage and pastels. We would like to welcome parents in to see their work and a date for this will be arrange in due course.

In RE, we continue to think about how people look after others and the world. We will be exploring stories that both Christian and Jewish people tell about the beginning of the world and how to treat the world.


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