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This Week in Friesian Class

This week, we are looking forward to beginning a unit of immersion as artists where we will be learning about different watercolour techniques and using our skills to create Christmas themed cards which we will deliver to the residents at Horsfall House when we visit the following week. If you are able to help with transportation, please let me know as soon as possible, as per the letter which went out last week.

In maths, year 3 will be consolidating their understanding of the column method for addition, before moving to formal subtraction calculations, and Year 4 will be finishing their work on area before moving on to looking at multiplication and division. We will be having another attempt at the Amberley Rapid Recall challenge (club maths) this week, too.

In English, we will be pl

anning and writing our own versions of Christina Balit's 'Escape from Pompeii', where we will be introduced to the fabulous book, 'Descriptosaurus' by Alison Wilcox, so that we can 'magpie' exciting and descriptive phrases. We will also be looking carefully at how we proof read and edit our work, in order to make corrections and improvements.

In computing, we will be continuing our work on sound recordings and will be introduced to the software 'Audacity' in preparation for editing sound bites and recordings.

Y3 and 4 A2 w4
Download PDF • 69KB

Painting overview
Download PDF • 216KB

Hit the Button maths practise (Year 3)

Maths Frame tables practise (Year 4)

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