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This week in Dexter class

Welcome to a wild, wet and windy week in Amberley. Hopefully, you have all received your school photographs-the children were fantastic and the photographer was very impressed at how chatty they all were!

This week we will be continuing with our Phase 3 phonics sounds and we will be working on y, z, zz and qu. We will also be looking at some new tricky words including was, my and by. As we discussed at parents evening it is really important to continue with the reading at home so that the children meet the new sounds we are teaching in their books and continue ton make progress in reading fluency.

I will be showing the children some pictures and videos from my friend's Diwali celebrations and we will be discussing the similarities and differences between Diwali and other celebrations and festivals. We will also make some Diwali decorations to represent the Festival of Lights. We will also talk about the story of Rama and Sita and the children will order this into a story map.

In our Literacy we will be continuing with Room on the Broom, writing short simple captions and sentences to accompany the pictures. We will also look at the features of non-fiction and in particular, instructions. The children will learn about the order of a set of instructions and will have a set to 'box-up' before completing a set of their own.

In Maths, we will be continuing with numbers 1-5 and looking at the composition, recording and representation of number.

This week we will also begin rehearsing the songs for the upcoming school Nativity. I also want to bring to your attention our Facebook page. Please give us a follow if you can. Our official page is Amberley Parochial Primary School and not Amberley Parochial School.

Finally, it was really lovely to see you all at at Parents Evening and to share progress and discuss next steps .I hope you found the conversations useful and were able to ask any questions that you wanted to. As always, you can contact me on my email if there is anything you want to discuss or need clarification about.


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