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Dexter's Dinosaurs

This week we have had great fun learning about dinosaurs. One of the children told us something that they had found out before we had even done the register on Tuesday morning and before long, we had been to the library to find information books, were making 'skeletons' from cotton buds, drawing pictures of dinosaurs, creating them from Mobilo and cardboard boxes, completing dinosaur dot to dots, making up subtraction stories about dinosaurs, researching on the internet, creating dinosaur habitats, writing stories about dinosaurs and learning lots of new vocabulary (herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, predator, prey, meteor, volcano and ice age - not to mention dinosaur names!) We have discussed extinction; plate tectonics and why we have earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; how dinosaurs had eggs; scales and feathers and much more! The children have created a museum in the classroom and were even giving tours and making a gift shop, whilst others worked as archaeologists in the sand pit! We have compared the length and height of different dinosaurs and objects that are familiar to us, and have written labels for the exhibits in the museum. We have created our own book, which you are very welcome to have a look at. What a busy week!

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