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The Amberley Wildlife Park

This week, after a pamphlet was brought in from the Cotswold Wildlife Park, the children decided to create their own zoo. All hands were on deck as penguin pools, giraffe enclosures, butterfly houses, cafes, shops, aquariums and much more were set up, complete with information sheets, posters, feeding times (we had been reading The Bad Tempered Ladybird and had begun to look at telling the time) tickets and booking forms. No visitor to the classroom was safe - they all had to book their place and count out their money in order to purchase their tickets! Recipes and menus were written in the mud kitchen and the sand pit, warning signs were created to advise against putting your hands in with the poisonous snakes and fact sheets were created about tortoises, giraffes and dolphins.

In other news, our ladybirds have emerged from their pupae and have been set free into the insect house to search for aphids!


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