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This week in Hereford Class

This week in Hereford Class we are looking at the story of Not Now Bernard. We are boxing the story up into: beginning, middle and end (Y1) and for the Y2 children looking at the 5 part story plan. However, there isn’t actually a resolution in this story as Bernard is eaten! We will make predictions about what could happen next and we will retell the story in our own words before we innovate it. In maths we are moving onto multiplication. We will be looking multiplication as repeated addition as well as looking at it represented in arrays. We have been grouped according to the rapid recall challenge so that we are having a practise of the times tables that we each need. We are looking forward to starting Art this week where we are drawing. We have linked this to maths where we will be looking at symmetry. We are going to be using the skills, a quick recap, of those from mark making and then we will be using these to draw our own symmetrical butterflies. These will be hung up in the classroom for all to see after half term. We will be sending home Christmas cards from the PTA with your children’s designs on. We will have these completed by Friday for you to have a look at and order should you wish. Thank you for such a great start to the Autumn Term. We hope you have a restful break and look forward to discussing your children’s progress at parents’ evening.


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