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This Week in Friesian Class

This week, we will continuing our work as designers in our immersion curriculum time, where we will be thinking more about nutrician and how this plays its part in a healthy balanced diet. We will also look further at where our produce comes from and how we can try take a more sustainable approach to the food we eat.

In maths, we will be completing a series of quizzes on our learning so far and will continue our work on muliplication and division for Year 4, and addition and subtraction for Year 3. We will look at estimating, using our prior knowledge to determine new facts and will discuss the elements and traits that make a good mathematician.

In English, we will be reading a variety of short passages and demonstrating our understanding of them through written and verbal comprehension activities. This will be the last week of spellings this term.

On Wednesday day, we will be taking part in the Christmas celebrations in the church, supporting EYFS and KS1 with their Nativity play. We look forward to seeing you at either the afternoon performance or the evening one.

In computing, we will be recording and editing our own podcasts and will reflect on our online safety learning from the term, where we have been discussing online relationships.

Y3 and 4 A2 w6
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