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This Week in Friesian Class

This week, we will be continuing our work as scientists and will be using our understanding of circuits to create our own quiz boards. We are hoping to be able to share these with you after school later in the week. Keep a look out for an email to let you know when!

In maths, we will be moving on to looking at how three and four digit numbers can be flexibly partitioned. This sort of work is hugely important for developing children's understanding of number. An understanding of the place value is how we can compare numbers; line up numbers vertically; make sense of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with larger numbers; and is the foundation for regrouping ("borrowing" and "carrying").

'Partitioning' refers to splitting a number into smaller parts, usually its thousands, hundreds tens and ones. Children learn to partition in many ways to help them deepen their understanding of number and place value. For example, 321 could be partitioned as three hundreds, two tens and a one. As children begin to add and subtract across the ten boundary, they can use the idea of flexible partitioning or regrouping to make a whole ten. 321 can then be partitioned into 200, 120 and 1, for example.

In English, we will be planning and writing our own biography texts, this week, focused on the life of Grace Hopper, a pioneer in the world of computer programming.

We will also be preparing for our upcoming Harvest celebration throughout this week. We will be sending out an invitational letter/email later in the week, to let you know timings etc.

2 Electricity AIC overview
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Y3 and 4 A1 w4
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