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This Week in Friesian Class

I cannot believe that we have already made it to the end of the first Summer term!

This week, we will be continuing our work on time in maths, and as such, there will not be a spelling list for homework. Instead, I would like the children to practise both their timetables and reading an analogue clock.

Year 3 need to focus on Hit the Button and the clock game, and Year 4 need to focus on Maths Frame (ask them about their progress!) and the clock game. There is also a link for Corbett Primary Maths at the bottom of this blog.

In English, we will be working as Agents of Change and using our courageous advocacy skills to write persuasive letters to speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves. If you are aware of a cause that needs championing, please let us know!

In our PSHE work, we will be focused further on self esteem and how, sometimes, the actions we take to make ourselves feel better might negatively affect others. We will discuss finding the balance between thinking positively and overcoming challenges, and not putting others down or boasting.

I am sure that I will see most of you throughout the week, but if not, have a lovely week off for half term. We will be back on Tuesday 4th June.

If you wish to contact any staff members by email this week, please be aware that our systems will be out of action on Tuesday and Wednesday as we upgrade. You should still be able to contact the office and head addresses, but may wish to phone if it is urgent!


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