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This week in Dexter class

This week we have been really lucky to have a visit from Mrs Mead who came in to talk to Dexter class about her conservation work for Shared Universe in South Africa. She showed us photographs of the rescue work that the foundation undertake including clearing scrub land, rescuing endangered animals including; a cheetah, a pangolin, rhino and elephants. We also saw cave paintings which are thought to be between 1000 and 3000 years old. The children were fascinated to hear that the tribal people used mud, blood, plant dyes and poo! They had a go at their own paintings using mud and paint.

Mr and Mrs Howick sent in photographs of their trip to Kenya where they helped build an orphanage and visited schools. We are having lots of interesting discussions about how our classrooms look very different! They also sent pictures of the animals they saw including the ones we have been talking about as part of our learning of Handa's Surprise. We are now reading the story of Handa's Hen and linking this to our maths, understanding of the world, expressive arts and design, and literacy. Additional books include The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson and Axel Sceffler about the lesser known African wildlife and some poetry. We will also be looking at non-fiction texts and making 'Lost' posters for Mondi the missing hen.


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