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This Week in Belted Galloway Class

We will be starting the week in maths by exploring the wonderful topic that is prime numbers, and the children will be using these as the week goes on. We will also be considering powers and indices, especially squaring and cubing numbers, before we begin looking at the written methods of division. This will also be a club maths week, so the children will have the opportunity to achieve personal bests and beat those scores and times. In English, we will be looking at structuring diary-style recounts with the focus of food: we will start the week by 'exploding a moment' and recounting a very brief eating experience. In our topic work this week, we will be learning about World War One: the children will be finding out about the start of the war, considering the role of women during the war and exploring life in the trenches. Thank you for all of you who encouraged the children to complete their maths homework this week: each week will end with us marking the homework together and the children will have the opportunity to flag up any issues in order to receive extra teaching.


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