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Friesian History Immersion

This week in Friesian class, we have been working as historians and immersing ourselves in the world of Roman Britain. On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Gail Stoten to talk to us about both archaeology and Roman life. We learned all about how information is gathered about people of the past, how a dig works and how artefacts are dated. We also learned about Roman food (stuffed flamingo anyone?) and were able to have a sniff of both pottage and honey cake, which Gail had kindly prepared for us. We also learned about Roman religion and how people made sacrifices and tried to bargain with the gods with whom, they believed, they might fall in and out of favour with. We were all very excited to handle replica artefacts which had been lent to us by The Corinium Museum, and see genuine finds too. We are very grateful to Gail, for not only coming to talk to us, but for all the time she has put into preparing things for us to help us learn.


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