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This week in Hereford Class

Welcome back to Autumn 2. I hope that you all had a fantastic half term break and you managed to have some time with friends and family.

I start off this BLOG post with a warning... The Nativity rehearsals will commence soon. I know it is still October but the planning, preparation and practise is key! This year, we will be performing 'Christmas with the Aliens'. This will be held in the Church at 2pm and 6pm on Wednesday 7th December 2022. Get the date in your diaries! In the upcoming weeks you will be sick of children coming home and reciting their lines as well as repeatedly singing songs - for this I apologise. As usual, Year 2 will have the main, speaking roles, with Year 1 children and Dexter Class supporting. The children have been told the parts available and are encouraged to notify me of three parts in which they would like to play. I will do my best to match these parts to suit them and of their preference.

In maths, we continue our journey of adding. Year 2 will finish adding one digit numbers to two digit numbers using efficient strategies before adding on tens. Year 1s will also be adding, but moving away from apparatus where possible, to calculate quickly and accurately.

In English, we are starting to write letters. Last term, we looked at the structure, how it is made up with an understanding of the features and now we will apply this knowledge to break down the paragraphs, completing a letter. We will be writing using the text of Meerkat Mail, a meerkat who leaves home to go on travels, and writes regularly to his parents.

In our Immersion Curriculum we are moving onto Digital Art. We will be recreating artwork by Paul Klee, both on the computers and using paint. We will then decide which we prefer and why. Please see the attached overview for the skills and ideas to support at home.

In RE, we will explore our new value of Truthfulness and we will be making links with the Parable of The Day That Changed Everything. Look out for the activity sheet, which will be sent home this week so that you can discuss our value with your children.

Parents' evening is next week! Please make sure you sign up to your slot on Wednesday 9th November or Thursday 10th November. Wednesday will be held until 7pm and Thursday until 5pm. I look forward to sharing your children's progress with you!

Autumn 2 - Week 1 Art - Digital Art
Download PDF • 316KB


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