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This Week in Friesian Class

This week in Friesian class, we will be continuing our work as scientists as we learn about plant growth, how plants transport water and nutrients, and about seed dispersal. We will be visiting the Guardianship on Monday, to learn about plant distribution and find out more about root structures.

In maths, Year 4 will be working on formal methods for division, and will continue to develop their reasoning skills by applying their knowledge of all four operations. Year 3 will be continuing their work on measurement. We will all be challenging ourselves with rapid recall this week.

in RE, the children will be learning about ceremonies and will be focusing on how many Hindu people celebrate puja at home.

In English, we will be writing our own versions of Romeo and Juliet. If the plans are anything to go by, there are going to be some very interesting stories! We can't wait to share them with you.


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