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This Week in Belted Galloway Class

This week plants the seeds for three exciting upcoming events in Belted Galloway life. While we have a full week of learning ahead, focussing on fractions in maths, diary writing in English and jazz in music, we are also using the week to promote three learning opportunities to enrich the curriculum.

Firstly, we are launching an oracy project as part of our homework. Children will have the chance to plan and prepare a two minute talk which they will present to the class in a couple of weeks. This gives them the chance to really develop their speaking and listening skills, and while it may feel quite ominous, it will be a great opportunity to prepare for this kind of activity in secondary school, college or university.

Secondly, following the success of the Autumn art and photography contest, we are launching the sequel: the winter contest. Next week, pupils and staff from Stroud High School will once again come in and work with us, developing the links between primary and secondary school work and also the links between art and science. These activities have been set up in conjunction with Nature's Racers.

Thirdly, we will be having a visit from a local magistrate this week to find out a little more about the justice system in Britain. Though this work, Year 6 pupils will eventually take part in a mock trial competition. Be prepared for the children to ask lots of questions about law!


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