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This week in Hereford

This week in Hereford Class we are excited to begin our 'Animals & Habitats' topic in Science, which will lead to our celebration, visiting Cotswold Wildlife Park. We will be exploring carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and looking into what animals leave to survive. We will then look at how animals are suited to the habitats that they live in.

In English we have begun our non-fiction journey of recounts. This is perfect timing as we can recount our to school trips. We have already found the features, looking at chronological order, adverbs of time, the first person and past tense verbs.

In Maths we are revisiting addition and Y2 will be looking at the formal written method while Y1 use their bonds to 10 to add a 1 digit number to a 2 digit number.

In RE we are looking at the Christian beliefs about God and how these are connected to places of worship. We will look at some of the Christian symbols and what they represent.

We completed the fun run on Friday and considering the poor weather conditions, they children were amazing, Unfortunately, it was just too slippery to continue and we will rearrange this for our older friends in Friesian and Belted Galloway.

Please remember that we have our class trip next Tuesday, 29th June and children will need a packed lunch.


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