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This week in Friesian class

Friesian class children have settled in fantastically this week and I am so proud of how they have made our new faces feel so welcome, including me! They have been fantastic and mature role models.

This week, in English, we are exploring instructions. We will be understanding the structure through finding the important features. In maths, we have started investigating place value and using this knowledge to count in 100s and 1000s.

The children made a fantastic start in RE last week, recalling the Parable of the Sower and explaining how they can use it to help themselves become a reflective, independent and aspirational learner for life! As well as this, during a spirituality session, we completed a teamwork activity where we discussed learning powers and how they could help us. We will be continuing work in RE by exploring the key question 'What do Hindus believe God is like?'. We will also be continuing to develop our understanding of the Christian value of 'Friendship'. This week's topic is science and we are exploring light and dark through practical activities to provoke questions, carry out observations and draw conclusions.


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