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This Week in Dexter Class

This week in Dexter class, we have been looking at the numbers that we already recognise and finding numbers in our environment. We have already had a fabulous welly walk to the Guardianship, and found numbers hanging in the trees! Once the children had spotted them all, they had to work out how to get them down - a task which involved some excellent examples of team work and problem solving.

In Literacy, we are continuing with our work on 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers and have been discussing our wonderful natural world. The children have enjoyed sharing their experiences of nature and what they know about the wider world.

In RE, the children have listened to the parable of the lost coin, and helped find the missing silver coin from the class treasure box, before unwrapping them to discover a treat to celebrate with.

We have also continued our work on understanding the meaning behind The Parable of the Sower, and the children are getting so good at retelling the story in their own words!


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