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This week in Dexter Class

We have continued to attend Worship and we will add their work on Perseverance to our Spiritual Scrapbook.ds to 5, ordering and sorting and also looked at size and weight using our pumpkin patch. Continuing with the autumnal theme, we have been reading Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper and we wil be playing games such as Silly Soup in order to help children really embed their knowledge of phonics. We will be looking at the life cycle of pumpkins and we will be disecting our Monster Pumpkin towards the end of the week to look at what's inside.

We are also finishing our look into the work of Oliver Jeffers by reading The Great Paper Caper, a mystery about the trees going missing and the forest folk trying to find the culprit, a bear who is desperate to win a paper plane competition! The children have had great fun learning how to make their own paper planes.

We have continued to attend Worship and we will add their work on Perseverence to our Spiritual Scrapbook.

We know the children are really tired and hope that you all have a wonderful relaxing break. They will be bringing home Christmas card designs for you to look at and order at the end of the week. We will be holding our Phonics evening on the 7th November and look forward to sharing all the progress that has been made at the parents' evenings.


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