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This week in Belted Galloway class

In these uncertain times, we are making sure that your children's education continues as normal until we are told to do differently. In view of this, we will be carrying out our end of term assessments this week, slightly earlier than usual, in order to be able to share the results with you at parents' evening next week. Miss Cale will be working with us this week on our music topic, which centres on composition. The children will be learning about musical notation, and will be working in small groups to write and notate a piece of music with a specific theme, eventually performing it to their peers. PE and Outdoor learning continue as normal this week. In computing, the children will be continuing their work with graphic art, using Inkscape to create aesthetically pleasing pieces. This week the children will be learning how to 'snap' images in place using a grid, which will allow them to combine aspects of their art, and will link with the tesselation work they previously did in this block of work.


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